Migrations, upgrades, and technology refreshes with complete ownership throughout the entire project life cycle.


We are committed to providing practical and cost-effective solutions based on the unique needs of your organization. We manage each project as if it were our own and take ownership from idea to delivery. No big reveals, just constant communication and transparency throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Our Process:
  • Assess & Define: We begin by assessing the needs and requirements of your organization to establish a baseline and define the scope of the project
  • Design & Deliver: Once the baseline and project scope has been determined, we work closely with our clients to design and implement a custom solution using industry best practices and project management methodologies.
  • Handoff & Manage: Post-deployment, we work hand-and-hand with your team to create in-depth documentation and seamlessly handoff the completed project.
Infrastructure Upgrades

Whether you've outgrown your existing servers, network infrastructure, or are overdue for a system refresh, we follow industry best practices to implement cost-effective solutions that reduce downtime and increase productivity to positively impact your bottom line.

Office Network Setup

Moving or expanding an office can be exciting and stressful. Our team takes complete ownership over the IT requirements and planning needs to ensure your technology and infrastructure is ready for your staff upon move-in.

Cloud Migrations

Our team eats, sleeps, and breathes the cloud. Transitioning traditional on-premise systems to cloud-based systems can be a daunting task that requires precise planning and implementation. Moving to the cloud reduces upfront IT equipment costs, increases data accessibility, improves your compliance posture, and ensures your organization's ability to remain operational in the event of a localized outage.

Phone Systems & VOIP

Phone technology has changed dramatically over the last five to ten years. Costs have decreased and functionality has improved as more vendors enter the space and innovate. Our team can assist in evaluating the best solution for your specific requirements, take ownership throughout the migration, and support your organization post-deployment.

Software Implementation

The proper tools and software can dramatically improve your organization's efficiency and productivity. From solution discovery to delivery and training, we ensure your organization extracts the most value from its software and tools.

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